Sulphur Trading 

K.B. International has successfully managed the trading business of Sulphur. We mainly deal
with the following series of products:
 Sulphur Pastilles
 Dusting Sulphur
 Brimstone Sulphur
 Rubber Maker Sulphur 
 Oil Rubber Maker Sulphur
 Micronized Wettable Sulphur Powder
 Aluminum Sulphate. 

Sulphur is widely used in the chemical, agricultural ( fertilizers), medical, food, paper, rubber industry
, aluminium, steel, cement, matches, building materials, pharmaceutical, and other military products such as gunpowder and dyes. Sulphur is also used for the production of sulphuric foam, sulphuric acid, sodium sulphate, and building structures of high strength. In particular, for the production of sulfur concrete and sulphur asphalt. The most of the world's sulphur is used as a raw material for industrial production of sulphuric acid.